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Gratulor a posted Jun 15, 12

Clan Fergo is a Mandalorian roleplay guild on the European RP server The Progenitor founded in June 2012. We strive to provide the highest quality Mando RP on the server in a fun and friendly atmosphere.
This is Reviana

Bedraals wife contacted me, that her husband hasn't called her for weeks now. As neither of us heard from him, we went to the place he was most likely last seen. The surveillance video showed him talking to a stranger - probably a sith - with whom he left Dromund Kaas.

We were able to gather information that the ship most likely went to Hutta. Further investigations will be necessary.

- Everybody of Clan Fergo is hereby called to help -

This is Bedraal.

The leads from Vencuar's datatapes were true. We have located warriors in the dune sea on Tatooine bearing the mark of Clan Jahar -- the clan responsible for the creation of the Revenant Crusaders cult.

Finding them wasn't easy. Preliminary recon was done beforehand by Kad Bralor from Outpost Rennar and we followed his trail to the middle of the dune sea. From there, we found and killed scouts bearing the mark of Jahar, which lead us north.

We eventually found a lone scout with a speeder bike. Darkcell sliced the speeder's navigation systems and tracked the point of origin, which was to the north-west of our location. We stormed their encampment and found two Plug-6 heavy starfighters and supplies, presumably taken from Vencuar's vault on Nar Shaddaa. Solbek took one of the fighters and me and Dar'ika took the other.

There were broadcast towers in the camp, which Darkcell sliced. The Revanant Crusaders had been sending signals to the droid factories on Balmorra. This is something we must investigate further.

We didn't find any leaders. If they were truly adhering to Cassus Fett's Neo-Crusader doctrine, we would have seen at least one red armoured warrior in the group we found. The only warriors there wore blue. This is something we must bear in mind. This cult is dangerous and we have to take out it's leadership before the corruption can spread any further.

That is all. Bedraal out.

Gratulor a It was fun. This storyline is turning into Indiana Jones meets Sherlock Holmes! Investigation, treasure hunting, mystery ...
Sakura a Nice ...
This is Bedraal.

As you may be aware, we have made a deal with a businessman named Alexej Orlov -- leader of the Orlov Syndicate. Our first job was to protect him from a potential assassin on the planet Voss. Rav, Dar, Solbek, Rocmar and I took it and provided Orlov with security. 833 credits have been transferred to each of your accounts for a job well done.

For now, Orlov is an ally. Our honour demands not to take any jobs against him while we work with him.

That is all for now. Bedraal out.
This is Bedraal.

Our operation on the smuggler's moon was successful. Even though we didn't find the vault intact, we did retrieve several things that may prove important. Three Mandalorian helmets were found locked up in beskar containers and other containers containing datatapes and chips. Most were from Vencuar's family, but several others included transmissions between Vencuar and another traitorous warrior named Ternedus Jahar.

We met up in the Upper Industrial sector and conducted a briefing like usual. My probe droids had returned with data, and we quickly moved into the Network Access district. Several Republic allied scientists and soldiers stood in our way there and were defeated. No witnesses were left behind. We counted tallies and Ravager stacked up the most kills. A round of free drinks were on him this time.

Inside Network Access, there were only battle droids guarding what seemed to be a plaza. There we found the containers. After the mission's success, I recieved a message from one Alexej Orlov. I will summarize our job with him in another transmission.

After I have analyzed the datatapes, I will let you know. Bedraal out.